Surya HANA Academy is an exclusive Online Training Provider whose core focus is to impart training on SAP HANA. Surya HANA Academy was formed with a singular mission to impart Quality SAP HANA training around the globe. Our Core Management Team understands the Value and importance of SAP HANA in the Real-time environment.

We have never compromised on Quality aspects, and we are proud to say that all the students who have got trained under us have been satisfied with the quality of Training in terms of course delivery.
When it comes to Course content(syllabus of SAP HANA) our structured Training material for SAP HANA is well designed entirely with the help of our trainers keeping in view what all concepts have to be listed in the material and are currently being implemented in IT based organizations.
Surya HANA Academy based on its extensive research on SAP HANA with the support and guidance of HANA Specialists has designed a unique one-of-a-kind HANA Training Program which will benefit to all those enthusiasts who are interested to pursue their career in SAP HANA.

Some of the Highlights of Surya HANA Academy are as follows:

  • You will be provided with the latest training course material on SAP HANA covering real-time examples with answers provided at the end of each chapter.
  • The Trainer for SAP HANA has an ample amount of real-time experience and as well has executed a number of real-time HANA based projects.
  • Daily, as well as weekly assignments will be provided.
  • Interview questions, SAP HAHA certification guidance.
  • You will be provided with the latest interview questions by way of which you can easily crack an interview.
  • Real-time project in SAP HANA, which will in turn boost your confidence by improving your technical skill set.
  • All the Online Training sessions will be conducted in a step by step methodology starting from the Basics and ending at advance topics in SAP HANA.

Surya HANA Academy is Student-Centric, which means our entire team is focused on providing 100% satisfaction to students and professionals alike. We are consistently working on imparting one of the best trainings possible not to compromise on the Value Aspect as well.
We have faith in our team who always look at the productivity of a student because if the student is productive and is able to understand the concepts in SAP HANA technology then AND then only can Surya HANA Academy progress otherwise it would be impossible for us to achieve our vision.
Our Trainers at Surya HANA Academy have got a huge experience in SAP HANA domain, and not only that we have our own Customized test especially designed for trainers after passing of which will be they in a position to train students globally on SAP HANA. Our
Trainers at Surya HANA Academy not only train but also provide a platform where a student can ask any query for which the trainer will clarify as soon as possible.

Surya HANA Academy is the leading online SAP HANA training provider in India. We work on flexible timings that match Global audience. We are pioneer in the industry to provide robust online training over World Wide Web.

  • Trainers are Best in the Industry
  • Our online training courses are Live and Instructor Led.
  • 24×7 access to systems / Servers
  • Ability to watch and review previous classes
  • Truly a Diversified Global classroom setting
  • Flexible Timings

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