SAP HANA Certification: Levels and its advantages

At Surya HANA Academy we are providing the best Online Training across the world in SAP HANA, SAP B/W4HANA and other latest technologies in HANA module.  With our Certification based training one can attend for SAP HANA certification offered by SAP.

How important is SAP HANA Certification?

By getting SAP HANA Certification, you will recognized Globally and your career prospects will increase. SAP HANA certification examination topics includes Business cases for HANA platform, loading data into HANA database, modeling and creating views on basic tables to make meaning of the data, creating reports using various tools, optimizing the performance for these reports, user management, security and data access privileges.

Its has been proved that SAP HANA is one of the world’s fastest growing technologies with better career opportunities. Obtaining SAP HANA certification is a best way to assess your knowledge and confirm your skills in SAP HANA, stand out in a competitive job market.

SAP HANA Certification is Available in Two Levels. They are

1. Associate certification

To attend for Associate certification in SAP HANA requires broad fundamental knowledge in SAP HANA solutions and the successful acquisition of broad proficiency.

SAP HANA Associate Certification is Available in Two Types. They are:

a) C_HANAIMP_1 for Application Associates

This certification tests knowledge on all aspects of SAP HANA 1.0 for the profile of a SAP HANA Associate Consultant.

Details of exam:

Certification Code : C_HANAIMP142

The total number of questions in exam :  80

Time Duration is 180 minutes.

Max Marks Obtained to qualify an exam is 61.

b) C_HANATEC_1 for Technical Associates

This certification tests basic knowledge gained all related to SAP HANA training and preferably refined by practical experience within an SAP HANA project team for the profile of a SAP HANA Technical Consultant.

Details of exam:

Certification Code : C_HANATEC142

The total number of questions in exam : 80

Time Duration is 180 minutes.

Max Marks Obtained to qualify an exam is 57.

2. Professional certification:

This certification requires proven project experience of SAP HANA solutions, business process knowledge of SAP HANA and a more detailed understanding of HANA solutions.

This level of Certification is obtained by successful project experience. It does not require exam. In SAP HANA Certification, Professional Certification shows the world that you have the highest level of competency on Success Factors products.

To get Professional certification, meet the below requirements:

• Success Factors in Associate certification

• You should have been a part of three successful Success Factor implementations in last 30 months.

o 2 projects as lead consultant

o 1 project as a supporting consulting

Advantages with SAP certification:

As already said above there are many advantages on optaining SAP HANA certification –

• Good career opportunities

• Gain more competitive knowledge in SAP HANA solutions.

• Enhance credentials by proving your talent in SAP software

Surya HANA Academy is exclusive institute only on HANA Module. We have experienced Trainer Mr.Nagarjuna guides you towards goal of getting SAP HANA certification. We provide HANA certification material during training.  Experience the Online Training offered by Surya HANA Academy through our You tube Channel or You may request for a FREE Demo from the link.


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